'Catch an Illegal Immigrant' Game Cancelled After Backlash From Public

The Young Conservatives group at the University of Texas-Austin is creating headlines with the invention of a new game entitled "Catch an Illegal Immigrant." The game has caused a great deal of debate about immigration, which is exactly what the group wants. Now, though, the chairman of the group has canceled the event due to the publicity and "uproar" of many.

Students at the University were supposed wear a label with the words "Illegal Immigrant" on it, and those participating in the game were invited to "catch" those students and bring them to the Young Conservatives' base. Anyone who did so would have received a $25 gift card as a reward.

Almost immediately, the group faced criticism and opposition for the game, and now Chairman Lorenzo Garcia has released a letter of apology and canceled the event. In his letter to the public, he noted that the $25 reward "was misguided" and said he only wanted to "get attention for the subject" of immigration and hopes that the publicity "will create debate among students."

"I have been shocked at the uproar over the event's premise and at the personal attacks against me," Garcia wrote. "Today, opponents of YCT have claimed that I am being used as a front man. I have been called an 'Uncle Tom.' I have received emails and comments via social media filled with obscenity. The reactions of some who claim that YCT is creating a demeaning or degrading environment on campus have been truly disgraceful."

For its part, the University of Texas-Austin's president, Bill Powers, asked the group to "find more productive and respectful ways" to spark dialogue about immigration and other issues.

However, there are those who supported the group's event, and one Facebook user said it was a "wonderful thing." Another accused the US government of not being serious about stopping illegal immigration.