Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra Living Apart and Pursuing Life Goals

Growing up hasn't been easy for "Teen Mom" stars Catelynn Lowell and fiancé Tyler Baltierra. The two had their daughter, Carly, when they were only 16 and chose to give her up for adoption. Now the two are living apart for the first time and it hasn't been easy for the couple.

"It's so weird sleeping in this big bed by myself," Lowell told "In Touch" magazine. "I miss him."

The two have decided to live apart from one another while they pursue their individual life goals. Lowell is currently attending Baker's College in Michigan; she hopes to earn her degree in social work. Baltierra, however, has a completely different goal.

While on the series he said he wanted to be a youth counselor and work with those who had grown up in situations like he was. Baltierra came from a broken home in which his father was a drug addict and alcoholic; his parents wound up divorcing, and his father married Lowell's mother.

Now, though, Baltierra is in New Orleans, working to break into the movies. "It's time to focus on my dreams," he explained.

"I love him," Lowell explained, "and I need to stand behind him. It's not like we're going to go out and cheat on each other. We're not like that."

During their time on "Teen Mom," there was a time when Baltierra thought Lowell was cheating on him. He learned of text messages sent between Lowell and an ex-boyfriend, which called the two to temporarily call off their engagement. They went to counseling and were able to work things out.

The couple is currently planning their wedding for some time next year and have expressed the hope that daughter Carly will be able to attend, though it's unknown whether that will happen or not.