'Catherine: Full Body' Release Date: Atlus Clears Up Nintendo Switch Launch Rumor

(Photo: YouTube/Atlus SEGA)Rin as seen in "Catherine: Full Body."

"Catherine: Full Body" is coming to the west, but the platforms it will release in are yet to be announced. One thing fans can count on is that it is not coming to the Nintendo Switch.

In an email announcing the localization of the game for North America and Europe, the bottom part featured trademark information for the Nintendo Switch.

Fans were excited about this since it meant that "Catherine: Full Body" will be the first installment in the franchise to make it to the Nintendo platform.

Unfortunately, SEGA and Atlus senior public relations manager Jacob Nahin has quashed the hopes of Nintendo Switch fans, taking to Twitter to confirm that it was simply an error. He explains:

So ummm, on that Catherine post, yeah, that was simply a copy and paste HTML mistake from me.

Nahin also responded to another tweet that picked up the rumor about "Catherine: Full Body" releasing to the Nintendo Switch:

I wish I was that clever. It was just an HTML copy and paste mistake when I set up a template.

At the moment, there is no official word yet on which platforms "Catherine: Full Body" will be available in when it hits the west. In Japan, it is set for release on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PS Vita only.

Whether this means "Catherine: Full Body" will not find its way to the Nintendo Switch, or Nahin did not just want to spoil the surprise if it is the plan all along remains to be seen.

Replying to a fan about the lack of information about this aspect, Nahin wrote:

We just haven't announced them yet. That's all... Japan is always the first to announce platforms. Don't worry.

The first trailer for "Catherine: Full Body" has recently been released. Twittersphere is already divided as it was hinted that the new character named Rin could be a trans woman.

In the final moments of the trailer, Vincent's eyes widen in surprise and shock at the sight of Rin's crotch, which was strategically obscured. Kotaku U.K. editor Laura Kate Dale is worried that the character's gender is being used for shock value and comedy in the game.

However, some users are giving Atlus the benefit of the doubt and ask others not to jump into conclusion not knowing the context of the scene.

"Catherine: Full Body" is set for release "next winter," which could be around early 2019.