Catherine Zeta-Jones: Bipolar Diagnosis Changed Perspective on Life

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently opened up about her struggles with Bipolar II Disorder and says that her diagnosis has made her "much more centered" and less consumed by what others think of her.

The "Rock of Ages" star made headlines in April 2011 when she sought treatment for her disorder less than one year after her husband, Michael Douglas, was diagnosed with throat cancer. She says that her diagnosis gave her a new perspective on life, according to Stylist magazine UK.

"As hard as it is, it puts everything into perspective on a personal and professional level. I'm not so consumed about what people think or say, like I used to be. It's made me much more centered and I'm not afraid to say no, and if people don't like that, well, tough," Zeta-Jones told Stylist magazine.

"I'm looking out for myself more. We spend a lot of time in our business being nice and giving a lot out to complete strangers. And then you turn around and go, 'Wait a minute, I'm exhausted by this. It's our time now and we should be enjoying every minute,'" she added.

The 42-year-old is believed to have suffered a depressive episode which prompted her to check herself into Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut where she spent five days combating the illness.

The mother of two insists that despite both her and Douglas' health woes they are in a better place and they attribute the actor's recovery to the overwhelming support which they received from the public.

"I've had so many letters about Michael, and it's just incredible. We all really appreciate that and all those prayers for him. It's now onwards and upwards," she said.

"We're onto the next chapter of our lives. As long as we have health and happiness, nothing else matters. ... I'm in a much better place now. Things are going great, and long may they continue, because it's been a tough road," she added.