Catholic Patron Finds Satanic Symbols in Starbucks Coffee

 Starbucks has formally apologized to a Louisiana schoolteacher upset over finding satanic symbols in her coffee foam on a Sunday. The woman, who identifies as Catholic, took to Facebook to share her story, which led to an apology from the company.

"I unfortunately can't give the young man's name who served it, because I was so appalled that I could not bring myself to look at him," Megan Pinion wrote in her Facebook post. "I am in no way judging his beliefs of dis-meriting his beautiful artwork. I am however judging his lack of professionalism and respect for others. I am a teacher in the public school system and if I were to present a child of atheist or pagan believers with a Christian art project I could be sued in a heartbeat."

Pinion posted photos of the cups of coffee she ordered. One features a pentagram, while the other is decorated with the numbers 666, which is known as the mark of the devil.