CBS Airing of 'Lord's Boot Camp' Pushed Back

CBS's 48 Hours Mystery won't be airing "The Lord's Boot Camp" this weekend as originally planned.

Instead, the program will be airing the story of an aspiring network anchor who made tragic headlines with her own murder.

"The Lord's Boot Camp" was pushed back to Dec. 27 due to the programming change.

Produced by CBS News, in collaboration with the makers of the disputed "Jesus Camp," "The Lord's Boot Camp" is a documentary that takes a peek at the physical and mental challenges teens face during the intensive two-week training camp.

Specifically, the documentary looks through the eyes of three teenagers of the 700 training to become Christian missionaries in the United States or Africa at the headquarters of Teen Missions International in Merritt Island, Fla.

"We're the ambulance of people's souls," says Tabitha Taylor, 13, of Bellwood, Pa., a camp standout who appears in the documentary. "And we can't sit around waiting for people to get a heart attack. We need to get in there and save them before it happens."

Teen Missions International has been praying that the documentary will be a positive one "that will honor the Lord and will encourage others to be involved in missions," according to its website.

The group claims to have established 200 missions projects in over 110 countries since 1971 and says it is a pioneer of the concept of providing short-term missions experience for teens.