CCM Duo Shane & Shane Return With 'The One You Need'

After a brief hiatus from recording, veteran CCM duo Shane & Shane have returned with their new album, The One You Need.

The tracks feature deeply spiritual, thought-provoking lyrics, exploring themes such as freedom in Christ (“Liberty”) and trusting God unconditionally (“Grace is Sufficient”). “Without You” focuses on longing for God.

The album’s first single, “The One You Need,” is a tender letter from Shane Barnard to his newborn daughter. Pointing to Jesus as her hero rather than himself, Barnard sings, “Sometimes I’m gonna let you down but there’s Someone if you just believe; be your hero like He’s always been for me. Darling, Jesus is the One you need.”

Musically, the album is very diverse, ranging from jazz, to rock to soul. However, Shane & Shane retain their signature acoustic worship sound on the modern-day psalm “Lift up the Light” and a universal call to worship, “Praise Him.”