Cedric the Entertainer Asks Fans to Help Save 'The Soul Man' Church Series

Cedric the Entertainer brought a late-night comedy based on the church called "The Soul Man" to TV Land this summer, but now he is petitioning fans to help keep the show on the air.

Cedric the Entertainer, born Cedric Kyles, executive produced the show that brought in 1.9 million viewers during its debut on TV Land, making it the network's highest-rated series debut in history. Five months after its premiere episode, Kyles took to his Facebook page to ask fans for their help to keep the show running.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I need your help... if you liked my show on TV Land, 'The Soul Man', then please take part in my letter writing campaign to bring it back for a second season," the comedian and executive producer of "The Soul Man" wrote. "Just use the following letter and email it on... we want to make the biggest impact so if you have a moment please email."

The email template provided by the entertainer is titled, "Please Bring 'The Soul Man' Back to TV Land". The letter addressed to Lois Curren of MTV Networks is written in the voice of a fan.

"We love 'The Soul Man!' We are writing to you in hopes that our letter of support will encourage you to bring 'The Soul Man' back to TV Land for another season," the template provided by Kyles states. "After watching the debut of 'The Soul Man' in June, we have become regular viewers /fans of that show and the TV Land network enjoying so much of your other programming such as 'Hot in Cleveland' as well as the classic shows. It's so refreshing to do 'one-stop-shopping' at your network for quality family programming."

The letter closes with one more plea to bring the show back to TV Land.

Cedric the Entertainer also made one more plea to his fans to help save the show on his Twitter account, writing recently, "Show some Love, if you want more #theSoulMan. Write a letter to TheSoulMan@tvland.com. Let the Execs hear what (you) have to say. Thank You."