CES 2012: Events on Monday You Don't Want to Miss

Although the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 (CES) officially begins on Tuesday, Jan. 10 in Las Vegas, Press Conferences scheduled for Monday, Jan. 9, is making it seem like it is all starting a day earlier.

Here is information on some of the key Press Conferences going on Monday and what they will most likely be presenting:


Huawei Press Conference
Don't let this underdog fool you. The Chinese company has big ambitions for sales and operations in the U.S. including becoming a top U.S. vendor in three years. Listen to what their plans and projects are to reach just that feat.

Time: 8-9 am PT
Location: Galileo 905, The Venetian

LG Electronics Press Conference
All eyes seem to be focused on LG's new smartphone the LG Spectrum. Its dual-core processor 1.5GHz fast, its large 4.5'' display, and 4GLTE connectivity are hardware specs hard to ignore.

Time: 8-8:45 am PT
Location: Marco Polo 703, The Venetian

Samsung Press Conference
In addition to presenting success stories of its products in 2011, Samsung's gigantic Galaxy Note banner hung on the CES conference center, clearly revealing that the company is turning the spotlight to this half-tablet, half-smartphone product.

Time: 2-2:45 pm PT
Location: Lando 4201, The Venetian

Nokia Press Conference
This year's press conference will most likely revolve around the Lumia 900, a Windows Phone that both Nokia and Microsoft feel will boost their presence and market share in the smartphone industry. Many entities are waiting for this phone for it will charter both companies' final direction within the business.

Time: 3-3:45 pm PT
Location: The Venetian, Ballroom A