CES 2012: Five Reasons Why People Want Ultrabooks

It seems that this year the spotlight at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will belong to Ultrabooks and not tablet computers like in 2011.

Ultrabooks are simply less expensive Windows-running, MacBook Air-resembling laptops that use flash memory to boot in a matter of seconds.

Averaging between $600 and $1000, and weighing an average of 3 pounds, ultrabooks seem to be what laptops and notebooks have evolved into based on the huge dependency on the internet today, and the necessity to be able to efficiently network at any given time.

If you own a conventional laptop or don't own a MacBook Air yet here are five reasons why you want to own one of these machines:

1. Portability
Averaging 3 pounds and measuring an average of 11 to 13 inches, ultrabooks are light enough to comfortably and easily carry around.

2. Powerful Performance
Ultrabooks are fast and powerful machines capable of computing probably most of the tasks you'd use a computer for. For example the Acer Aspire S3 possesses a 2nd generation Intel® Core i5 processor that won't give you trouble while multitasking and also consumes less power.

3. Boot Up in a Mere of Seconds
Ultrabooks allow you to resume your working session in a matter of seconds, with some even booting up in less than 2 seconds. And just for the record, does this instant booting up deplete the battery life faster? Not at all.

4. Excellent Battery Life
Talking about battery life, Ultrabooks will give an average of 8-10 hours of battery life. That's a world of difference considering many laptops allow only about 2 to 3 hours of usage.

5. Great Design
Ultrabooks are all about sleek and cutting edge designs. Not only do they look great but they make you feel skilled.

CES 2012 begins on Jan. 10 through Jan. 13.