Chad Johnson Mistresses Revealed; Critics Draw Tiger Woods Comparisons

A growing number of alleged mistresses have emerged in the Chad Johnson affair scandal just 10 days after his estranged wife Evelyn Lozada filed for divorce. Critics are now drawing comparisons to pro golfer Tiger Woods.

Amber Priddy, an Atlanta-based stripper, is the latest woman to come forward alleging that the disgraced NFL player cheated on Lozada, 37, with her for some time before they got married on July 4.

"Chad has been paying Amber $2,000 a month for her apartment and flying her in and out of Miami so they could meet up," a source told

Priddy, who is also an aspiring model, was reportedly evicted from her posh Peachtree Street apartment recently, which has led to assumptions that Johnson has stopped paying her.

Johnson, 34, was recently slapped with divorce papers after Lozada legally filed to end their 40-day marriage following a domestic assault incident. He subsequently lost his lucrative position with the Miami Dolphins, which has sparked legal woes including foreclosure.

The estranged couple met on the social networking site Twitter, which is where Johnson allegedly met his many mistresses.

"He is constantly scouring Twitter flirting with women, and if he sees someone he likes he has them direct message their number to him so they can meet up in person," a source said.

Johnson also allegedly had an affair with a Miami based woman identified as Bianca Zuluaga; the affair lasted for over a year, according to reports.

"Chad has been having an affair with another woman from Miami named Bianca Zuluaga for the past year. Bianca knew all along that he was with Evelyn, but she didn't care. She agreed not to say a word, a source said," Radar reported.

"Chad would mostly spend time with Bianca while Evelyn was out of town on her book tour or filming. They would even meet at David's Café in Miami, which is one of his regular hangout joints and they didn't go to any lengths to hide the fact that they were there together," the source added.

On Aug. 11 Johnson was arrested for allegedly headbutting Lozada, star of Vh1's "Basketball Wives," during a dispute over a receipt for condoms. He was arrested, released on bail, and days later a woman by the name of Beverly Shiner spoke out regarding their alleged months-long affair.

"It wasn't just a one night thing, he always said he wanted to move in with me, and said if he had I'd be pregnant by then. He kept asking if I wanted to have more kids," Shiner told Radar.

"Once, when I was at his house, I asked what would happen if Evelyn walked in right now, and he said she wouldn't care. He said, 'I'm not doing anything different than what every other man is doing,' he thinks it is fine to cheat. I feel he was completely disrespectful and he led me on," she went on.

Critics fear that along with the possibility that there may be some truth to what these women claim, some believe that more women could eventually come out of the woodwork as was the case in 2009 when Tiger Woods, who was married at the time, found himself in a very similar situation.

Like Johnson, Woods had a long and successful career as a professional athlete up until he found himself mired in a sex scandal that ultimately ended his marriage and also threatened to end his career.

Over the period of a few weeks, a total of at least 12 women eventually came forward in the Woods case, alleging that they had all had affairs with the 36-year-old. Although Woods was able to bounce back and continue playing professional golf, some critics question whether Johnson can do the same in football.