Chad Johnson Opens Up to Fans About Evelyn Lozada Tattoo, His Sanity

Chad Johnson, 34-year-old troubled NFL free agent who was released from the Miami Dolphins after allegedly headbutting estranged wife Evelyn Lozada, is opening up to fans about his strained relationship.

Johnson has been known for tweeting over 3 million followers many personal details about his life. When one fan questioned why the troubled football player decided to tattoo an image of his 36-year-old "Basketball Wives" star wife on his leg before agreeing to divorce her, Johnson had no trouble answering.

"You ever threw a boomerang," Johnson asked the fan. "Same concept..."

Another person asked the football player if he regretted getting the tattoo of his wife who filed for divorce less than two months later after accusing Johnson of headbutting her.

"(Expletive) no... It's gone stay right where I put with the other 43 tattoos (sic)," Johnson tweeted his followers.

When another person poked fun at Johnson for letting a romantic relationship be the basis of the trouble with his career, he attempted to give love advice to the person who referred to him as a "sucker" on the social networking website.

"You can't play hard all ya life... A chick gone get you n that space (sic)," Johnson tweeted to the individual.

Still, the football player did not seem ready to give up on love. When one person told him to forget his problems and build an empire, Johnson responded by saying, "It takes TWO to build an empire bruh..."

After reading several of his responses to questions and comments made by fans on Twitter, one person told the football player that he had "lost it," seemingly referring to his sanity.

"I changed my last name to a damn number," Johnson told the fan, speaking about changing his last name to "Ochocinco." "I never had it to begin with..."