Chad Johnson's Daughter Speaks Up About Domestic Dispute, Divorce From Evelyn Lozada

Jicyra Johnson, 14-year-old daughter of troubled former NFL player Chad Johnson, has decided to forgive her father and his estranged wife Evelyn Lozada for engaging in a domestic dispute last week.

Johnson is 34-year-old football star who was recently terminated from the Miami Dolphins after allegedly head-butting his 36-year-old reality television star wife. While Lozada reportedly filed for divorce from Johnson and is pressing charges against her husband stemming from the domestic dispute, the football player's daughter has taken to Twitter to express her feelings on the matter.

"(SIC) Regardless (of) what (happened) this weekend I will and still love me, my dad and Evelyn, and I always will," the young Johnson tweeted.

It seems the football player's daughter is also against any plans for a divorce taking place between the two, and re-tweeted someone else's message concerning the ending of the celebrity union.

"@Jicyraa_Carter please tell (your) dad and step-mom to work it out," one person tweeted in a message re-posted to Johnson's Twitter account. "....They don't have to get a divorce."

Jicyra thanked God for Lozada when the television star married her father in July, calling the union the happiest day of her life.

"I thank god he met you.. happiest day of life , just because I know you'll be here forever ," Jicyra tweeted on her father's wedding day. "I love you Evelyn!"

Lozada, 36, also spoke about the influence that she had on Johnson's children, in an open letter than she penned to her younger self for The Huffington Post. In the letter, Lozada said she regretted the violent behavior that she showcased on "Basketball Wives" and the effect that it had on her step children.

"It'll take the moment when you see and hear your future step-daughters pretending to be 'you' after watching you behave badly on T.V., that you'll actually feel real shame," Lozada wrote to her 17-year-old self in June. "Knowing that the self image they were imitating was the very 'image of self' you will so desperately try to escape. In utter embarrassment you'll find yourself explaining your unacceptable behavior to them, reaching for the imprint of encouragement felt by Star, Oprah, our First Lady Michelle Obama and other positive women of color that have gone before you and that are prayerfully standing behind you...encouraging you...willing you to stand in the space God will so graciously provide for you."

However, Lozada's step-daughter showed her support by re-tweeting the message about the recent death of the "Basketball Wives" star's brother-in-law. Johnson also tweeted a message to Lozada's sister, Sylvia, saying, "I love you Syl" after she lost her husband.

Despite the news that Johnson's football playing father lost his job and new television show after being engaged in a domestic dispute, she thanked close to 15,000 Twitter followers for their prayers and support.

"Thanks to all my followers for the prayers and good words," Jicyra tweeted. "Love you guys."