Chad Moretz Killed by SWAT Sniper After Standoff; Dismembered Body Found in Home

Chad Moretz was killed after a 4-hour standoff with the Georgia SWAT team on Jan. 11, but investigators have made new discoveries inside Moretz's home. The body of Charlie Ray, missing since New Year's Eve, was found inside and had been dismembered by Moretz.

Police went to Moretz's home to ask if he had any information about Ray, and things quickly spiraled into chaos and the standoff with the SWAT team.

"Chad's in here, he's got a rifle, he's going to kill y'all," his brother-in-law, Kevin Lambert, told police as he opened the door, The Washington Post reported.

Police called for backup and waited for four hours before Moretz walked out onto his front porch holding an assault rifle. A SWAT team sniper had a clear shot and took it, killing Moretz instantly.

Once inside the home, police found the body of Charlie Ray. An autopsy showed he had been stabbed more than 40 times; his head and hands were found in a hole in the wall. The rest of Ray's body was found wrapped in bags in a nearby storage locker. It's believed that Moretz alone is responsible for the murder.

Moretz had a history of dangerous behavior. He previously stabbed a dog that had bitten him, and just a few months ago allegedly threatened a neighbor who refused to give him a ride home. Moretz was arrested on Dec. 22 for making terroristic threats but was released on bond the same day.

"You could look at him and tell something was wrong, just the look he had. He looked like he was dazed all the time," neighbor Ross Maruca told the Associated Press.

Right now Moretz's wife, Kimberly, and his brother-in-law are being held on charges of helping conceal Ray's body from police. They have not been charged with murder and have not spoken to the press about the situation.

The case has added fuel to the debate about gun control in the United States. President Barack Obama has proposed legislation that would place more rules on those seeking to get a gun. Right now it is unknown exactly how Moretz was able to own an assault rifle.