Chad Ochocinco Released From Patriots, Dubs Himself 'Unemployed Black Guy'

Chad Ochocinco, NFL wide receiver, was reportedly released by the New England Patriots on Thursday after a trade to get rid of the player failed.

Ochocinco, who joined the team last July, took to his Twitter account to confirm the speculation that he was dropped from the team.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to play for the 'Patriot' organization," the wide receiver tweeted. "Fans were (expletive deleted) wicked awesome, I wish all of you the best."

News of the NFL player's release made headlines after he was absent from practice on Thursday. Although the 34-year-old wideout showed up at the practice at the Gillette Stadium Thursday morning, he reportedly left the arena about 15 minutes later.

Although ESPN's initially reported that Ochocinco was leaving the practice facility to attend a doctor's appointment, the analyst later revealed that the NFL player would no longer play for New England and would become an unrestricted free agent. Ochocinco, known for communicating frequently on Twitter, altered his biography on the social network to say "unemployed black guy."

Chad Ochocinco officially signed a 3-year deal with the New England Patriots last July, ending his free agency and 10-years as a Cincinnati Bengal. When the wideout first joined the Patriots, some people like NFL Insider John Clayton called the move "genius."

While many were excited for Ochocinco to join quarterback Tom Brady and head coach
Bill Belichick, others questioned if he was the reason that the team failed to go all the way after making a Super Bowl appearance against the New York Giants.

Some NFL fans seemed to know that Ochocinco would eventually leave the team.

"Patriots got rid of Chad Ochocinco," one fan stated on Twitter. "It was bound to happen."

Other Patriots fans seemed happy about the move.

"Chad Ochocinco is off the Pats, thank the Lord," a fan tweeted.

However, others were more interested in where he would continue his NFL career.

"Patriots cut Chad Ochocinco, If I'm the bears, Raiders, Dolphins, Jets or Bills general manager I am on the phone for a workout right now," a fan tweeted.

Ochocinco is well known for being the all-time record holder for receptions in Cincinnati's history with 751.