Channing Tatum Hates Fellow Actor on 'Mike's Place' (VIDEO)

While Channing Tatum may have gotten along with some of his co-stars on the set of the new film "Mike's Place," one report has stated that he ultimately hated one of them.

Alex Pettyfer, whose character looks up to Tatum in the film, did not set well with Tatum once the cameras stopped rolling on "Mike's Place," according to Us Weekly. In comparison to McConaughey's low key Texas vibe, Tatum apparently felt that Pettyfer was too high maintenance.

"He hates Alex," a source told the magazine. "Channing thought Alex was a diva on set."

The actor allegedly not only didn't get along with Tatum, but also had disputes with many other members on the set.

"Alex was a jerk to everyone during filming for no reason. He thinks he's the star of the movie, not Channing or Matthew McConaughey," the source stated.

Tatum however seemed to get along well with McConaughey, who he was willing to impersonate while appearing on the David Letterman show just before the movie was released.

"Oh uh, I don't think I'm in the pantheon of Matt Damon," a hesitant Tatum said at first before he cut right in to a genuine sounding. "Alright alright. I see a lot of lovely ladies in the house tonight. I like that."

The audience's reaction was immediate, as Tatum most accurately nailed McConaughey's Texas slang.

"How you doin' Mr. Lettermen. You doin' alright tonight?" Tatum continued to a hysterical Letterman, who was quick to begin squirming in his seat.

"Yah I'm doing just fine," Letterman responded to Tatum in an uneasy voice.

Tatum was ready to continue with the entertainment but Letterman was forced to stop the actor, saying it was just getting too "creepy."