Chapman Launches 'Change for Orphans' Campaign

Contemporary Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman and Shaohannah's Hope – the adoption organization founded by the Chapman family – are spreading the message "Giving a little changes a lot. Give change now" for their latest fundraising campaign.

The "Change for Orphans" campaign officially kicks off this fall, beginning Sept. 20, when Chapman embarks on his nationwide "Live in This Moment" tour with label mates Sanctus Real and Bethany Dillon. The money collected each tour night will bring hope to an orphan by offering financial help to a family.

Chapman will be spreading the word to his concertgoers to "give change now" by collecting loose change and bringing it to the concert in their respective areas.

"The need of orphans is so great," the award-winning musician explains, "that we too often believe the lie that one person can't do anything significant. But this is a unique opportunity to make a difference just by collecting your loose change and gathering a couple friends to do it with you, by donating that pile of coins you have lying around, or by giving up a cup of coffee each week and bringing in that money. Small things add up, and together we can change the life of an orphan."

Chapman's tour is in support of his upcoming studio release, This Moment, which comes out on Oct. 23, marking his sixteenth studio release with Sparrow Records.

For more than five years, Chapman and Shaohannah's Hope have partnered during his nationwide tours to help bring an end to the number of orphans by raising awareness and by collecting funds each night resulting in record breaking numbers.

With the "All Things New" tour, Shaohannah's Hope raised over $2.1 million, and over 1,700 couples expressed an interest in adoption. During the "All I Really Want" Christmas tour, tens of thousands of dollars were raised through the sale of Christmas ornaments, and over one thousand responded to the need of orphans and kids waiting in foster care.

"God is continually awakening His people to a faith that is more than just words – an authentic faith that evidences the hope we have in Christ," says Scott Hasenbalg, director of Shaohannah's Hope. "With this upcoming tour we are inviting people to join us by showing hope and changing their world for orphans.

"Through big and small ways, we can each follow in the footsteps of Jesus and care for the needy and the orphan," he adds, "whether it be through mobilizing our community, giving generously, or going out to love waiting children. We can take advantage of right now to show hope to an orphan, and it can start with just a little change."

In a response to the miracle they saw in their own family through adoption and with a desire to help eliminate the obstacle of finances for families they knew, Chapman and his family established Shaohannah's Hope Foundation in 2000.

In 2002, as opportunities to financially assist families ready to adopt far outpaced the Chapmans' personal abilities to fund, the foundation began accepting donations to raise further financial grants for willing families. In 2003, Shaohannah's Hope became an official non-profit organization.

Arriving at a milestone in October 2006, Chapman and Shaohannah's Hope were thrilled to announce the 1,000th grant.