Charles Barkley Cross-Dresses in New Ad: Wig, Tights, and Pumps

Yesterday afternoon Weight Watchers tweeted a photo that serves as a brief preview to their upcoming commercial campaign. No, it isn't a snapshot of healthy food or miraculous before and after shots of customers- it is something a little more surprising.

The weight loss company tweeted a rather untraditional photo of former NBA star Charles Barkley donning a dress, curly haired wig, tights, and women's shoes.

Weight Watchers offered a caption along with the photo, tweeting, "While shooting our new TV ads, Charles Barkley finds the perfect little black dress. Looking good!!!"

The NY Post reported that the purpose of the Hall-of-Fame forward's cross-dressing advertisements is more than shock value. The tag line of the coming Weight Watchers ads is "Lose like a man."

The commercials stress the idea that being concerned about weight, dieting, and eating right is not just for women. With their cross-dressing ad campaign Weight Watchers is attempting to shatter the social notion that dieting is not manly.

Charles Barkley has been a Weight Watchers spokesman and member since this past October. He has had a great deal of success, and lost a total of 42 pounds in just 6 months. Barkley believes in the program, and he told ESPN why he thinks the program works.

"You can't give fat people small meals and think they'll stick to the plan. I had to learn how to change my eating habits. Let's be real: You see anyone who gets fat eating fruits and vegetables? So I'm starting to eat more of them now!" said the sports commentator.

The Weight Watchers new "Lose like a man" ad campaign is set to hit air Sunday, April 8th.

This isn't the Round Mound of Rebound's first time wearing a dress in the public eye. He dressed as a woman for an SNL skit when he hosted the show in early January of this year.