Charlie Sheen Compares Himself to Jesus Before Slash Concert?

Charlie Sheen, 47-year-old actor, recently spent time in Dublin, Ireland, where he compared himself to Jesus Christ.

Sheen took to Twitter to let over 9 million followers know about his overseas excursion while posting an image of himself with his arms spread out on either side in a pose mimicking Jesus.

"And on the 1st night Jesus saved Ireland #emasculated misconception," Sheen tweeted.

The actor stayed in Dublin's Four Seasons Hotel, according to reports. According to the Independent report, Sheen flew to Ireland to attend Guns n' Roses guitarist Slash's shows.

While Sheen was tweeting from Ireland over the weekend, TMZ reported that he was interested in saving troubled actress Lindsay Lohan.

"I have a kinship with somebody who clearly needs a mentor, whether she wants one or not," Sheen told TMZ. "She can continue to hang out with her dress-shredding club buddies, or turn to me for some advice from a guy who's been down the road as well as every other side trail on the journey."

Sheen and Lohan worked together on "Scary Movie 5" scheduled to debut in April. However, it does not seem that Lohan is looking for the acting veteran to mentor her.

Lohan has declined Sheen's offer, according to Huffington Post reports. The actor, who reportedly gave Lohan a $100,000 check to help with her tax issues last year, advised the 26-year-old to take his advice.

"If she listens, she'll win," he told TMZ. "If she doesn't, that's on her."

In the meantime, Sheen has been tweeting about his adventures in Ireland.

"Feel like I just watched DaVinci draw a hand or Von Rynn a self portrait or was it Beethoven in a vacuum changing ALL OF IT? #SLASH," Sheen tweeted about his concert experience after comparing himself to Jesus. "Thank u @Dublin @Slash @Miles @Conspirators @Epps @Garret @Navigator @Jonze c #GreenEnvy."