Charlie Sheen Drops $100M Lawsuit Against 'Two and a Half Men'

Charlie Sheen has dropped his $100 million legal suit against the makers of "Two and a Half Men" and settled for an undisclosed agreement outside of court "to the parties' mutual satisfaction," Warner Bros has said.

The details of the settlement will remain confidential and the actor's lawyer has not commented on the matter.

Sheen was originally seeking compensation for the loss of money owed to him and the "entire crew," according to court papers.

Sheen was dismissed from CBS's hit show after a very public bout with substance abuse and irrational and reckless behavior. Additionally, he made public comments criticizing the show’s creators and claimed producer Chuck Lorre was "harassing and disparaging" him.

At the time of Sheen's firing, he had been earning more than $1 million an episode making him the highest paid television actor.

Previously he entered a rehab facility causing production of the show to come to a halt, but Sheen did not stay there. Instead he claimed he "cured his illness with his mind."

Sheen then went through a media blitz appearing on various talk shows and news outlets where he spewed crazy sayings that took off as catchphrases like "Winning," and "Tiger Blood."

Now, six months later, Sheen has a different outlook on life. His past couple of TV appearances had him apologizing for his actions and taking responsibility for his mistakes.

Recently appearing on the "Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen," nothing was off limits and Sheen was in good spirits and a good sport.

He even had nice things to say about the "Two and a Half Men" season premiere and commended Ashton Kutcher, the replacement for Sheen's character on the show, saying at this year's Emmy's: "I wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season."

Sheen's character of Charlie Harper was killed off in this season's first episode as Ashton Kutcher was introduced.

Although his TV death was not shown on screen, 28.7 million viewers tuned in to watch his funeral.