Charlie Sheen, Selma Blair Feuding? Sheen 'Fires' Blair From 'Anger Management'

Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair are having issues on the set of his series "Anger Management," reports state. Sheen went so far as to fire his co-star and say that he will no longer work with her.

The trouble started when Blair, who has appeared in 33 episodes of the show, complained to show executives that Sheen is "a menace to work with," according to TMZ. When Sheen found out, he was furious and immediately fired Blair, though it is unknown if she has actually been terminated from the series. He also threatened not to show up to work if Blair did.

Sheen allegedly wants to work with Mila Kunis and has offered her a guest role for 10 episodes, at a rate of $1 million per episode. Kunis has not spoken about the offer or her relationship with Sheen, though the two are likely friends since she is dating Ashton Kutcher, Sheen's replacement on "Two and a Half Men."

Sheen is known for his bad behavior, which is what led to him being let go from the CBS series and earned him his own, "Anger Management." The series is a parody of Sheen's outrageous behavior, which led to his separation from "Men," and a series of bizarre interviews as well as a one-man comedy tour.

Even though Sheen is known for being a wild card, he also cares for his children and sees that they are taken care of. When ex-girlfriend Brooke Mueller entered rehab, Sheen supported ex-wife Denise Richards taking custody of their twin boys. He offered extra financial support to Richards since she was taking care of two more children, but Richards refused and said that she could handle it.

Since then, Sheen has made certain that his children with Mueller and Richards are well taken care of and are in a stable home. He even flew Richards home on his private jet so that she could be with the children the morning after Mother's Day.