Charlie Sheen's Rant During LA Kings Game Caught on Video

Charlie Sheen reportedly performed a less-than-eloquent, profanity-laced rant during one of the Los Angeles Kings' Stanley Cup Final games Wednesday when a security guard would not let him re-enter the venue after leaving.

The New Jersey Devils made their first win in the seven-game Stanley cup series when they beat the Los Angeles Kings 3-1 Wednesday, but unfortunately, Sheen missed it.

Sheen had stepped out for a cigarette sometime in the middle of the game, ignoring Staples Stadium's clear signs prohibiting re-entry.

The actor's second entry was blocked by a female security guard. Although Sheen was initially calm, he then burst into tirade at the woman, which paparazzi and TMZ caught on camera, and shortly after published online.

"Is common sense and common courtesy, like, gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her," the 46-year-old actor told the camera, obviously not feeling shameful of his aggressive behavior.

"Common sense, that's all," he added.

The rant also involved highly sexual, explicit language relating to fellatio.

The security guard wasn't putting up with Sheen's behavior, however, telling the cameras that she threw a cussword back at the actor.

Sheen then got into it with the fans, hurling obscenities at them as they yelled various insults, including references to drugs and having sex with prostitutes.

Sheen later presented a far calmer demeanor regarding his rant, telling TMZ that the whole confrontation was "bad juju. (A) clash of the silly."

The former "Two and a Half Men" star has become one of Hollywood's most recent "bad boys" after he went on an alleged cocaine-binged tirade, posting several YouTube videos of his ramblings and, in the meantime, coining the term "winning."