Charlie Weis $19 Million Paycheck: Former Notre Dame Coach Makes More Than Current

Even after an undefeated season, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelley is still making less money that the coach he was hired to replace.

Brian Kelly earned a total of $1,088,179 last year as the head coach for Notre Dame's football team. He was hired to replace the team's former coach, Charlie Weiss, in 2009. But it is Weis who is still bringing in the extra dollars.

Last year Weis earned $2,054,744 from Notre Dame through a termination contract that he signed with the university following a 6-5 season. The contract was developed to absolve the six-year contract that Weis had agreed to when he first signed on as the coach of Notre Dame in 2004. In his initial contract, Weis was to make about $2 million a year. A former graduate of the University, Weis' contract would have been up in 2010, but he was fired in 2009. The new contract continues into 2015.

Weis has already received two $2 million payments from the school. He is scheduled to receive four more, for a grand total of $18,966,867. But while Kelley may be making less than Weis, despite the fact Weis is not even coaching at all, he may still be benefiting from outside forms of payment as well.

"The current head football coach is permitted to receive compensation from external sources with prior written approval from the University," the school told the Chicago Tribune while releasing the tax documents that reveal the two coaches' salaries. The money that Kelley earns from outside sources does not have to be reported on tax papers filed by the school.

Regardless, Weiss is still earning more as coach from Notre Dame than any other coach in the athletic department, according to the Tribune - that includes the director. Weis is the current head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.