'Chasing Ice' Review: Haunting Images Everyone Should See (VIDEO)

The debate over climate change has been raging for decades, with more talks being brought about by Hurricane Sandy, which utterly destroyed parts of the East Coast. "Chasing Ice" is a unique documentary about one man's quest to photograph the drastic changes in glaciers and icebergs; it will be released in theaters this month.

Photographer Jason Balog has taken some of the most iconic images featured in "National Geographic" and other science magazines, but he didn't truly find his passion until he began studying global warming and its effect on glaciers. That's when he formed The Extreme Ice Survey to capture images never before seen by the world.

"Chasing Ice" documents Balog's quest across the Arctic to document the drastic demise of glaciers throughout the area. Along the way, he faces challenges such as failing equipment and physical trauma, but is determined to capture the images he desires. When put together, the pictures show an astonishing rate of climate and geographic change.

"Chasing Ice" debuted at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and was an immediate hit, winning the award for "Excellence in Cinematography." Since then, viewers have been touched by Balog's passion as well as the startling images he captured during his time in the Arctic.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there could be no better time for "Chasing Ice" to finally premiere in the United States.

The photography is stunning, as is the extreme passion seen in one chasing his dream. It's a visually appealing film that, at times, will leave you in shock at how quickly and drastically geography is changing.

Watch the official trailer here: