Chaz Bono Eliminated: Cher Angry at 'Cute Little Penguin' DWTS Comment

Chaz Bono Is Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars

After a clumsy Phantom of the Opera tango with partner Lacey Schwimmer, Chaz Bono was booted off season 13 of "Dancing with the Stars" on Tuesday night.

Judge Bruno Tonioli told Bono he resembled a “cute little penguin,” a comment which both Chaz Bono and mother Cher took offense to.

Bono became defensive of Tonioli’s comments, which had less to do with Bono’s dance moves and more to do with his robust figure.

“Like I’m some fat little troll with this beautiful woman every week,” said an emotional Bono, donning a plastic, white “phantom” mask.

Bono wasn’t all tears however; while standing next to dance partner Schwimmer, he described DWTS as “an amazing journey.”

Bono is a transgender activist, and serves as a predominant inspiration in the LGBT community. Becoming a Lesbian as a teen, Bono then underwent a female to male sex change. Originally named “Chastity,” she then changed her name to the more masculine Chaz.

In reference to DWTS, Bono said: "I felt throughout there was some bias against me … I felt like I didn't fit a physical ideal, and that I got judged on that more than my dancing sometimes."

Bono has written three books, the most famous one entitled “Transition”, which documents his 40 year struggle with his sexuality. He has also directed documentary “Becoming Chaz”.

“I came on this show because I wanted to show America a different kind of man. If there was somebody like me on TV when I was growing up, my whole life would have been different,” he said after being voted off week 6 of DWTS.

Six competitors will return Monday, Oct. 31 to continue to competition. Actor David Arquette and TV host Nancy Grace are two notable names still in the running.