Chaz Bono Ready to Start Dating Women Without Sex Change

“Dancing with the Stars’” Chaz Bono has announced that he is planning to use his dancing skills to re-enter the dating world, following the split from his fiance in December.

Bono explained to People magazine that fitness was a part of going back to dating, and that included dance. "I really want to start dancing again," Bono said.

The controversial star professed confidence in using dance to allure women. "What a great skill: to be able to take a woman dancing ... and actually know what you're doing!” he told People.

Bono raised controversy last year when he was set to become part of the “Dancing with the Stars” cast. Many fans professed that they could no longer watch the show because of their concern over the moral values it suggested.

Jan Pizzolato wrote on the show’s online message board that she would not be watching the show this season.

“I cannot watch this season. I am disappointed in the cast,” she posted. “Chaz Bono was born a girl. What she/he has done is her/his decision to change God's plan for her. It makes me sad to think that what was once valued as morals has so deteriorated as people have gotten so oblivious to what is right and wrong.”

A different user expressed her concern about the cast because she watched the show with her 10-year-old daughter. “I am sure the show will talk about Chaz and the controversy, and I am not ready to explain all of that to her yet,” the user Callisandria2 posted on the site.

The concerns were raised when it was discovered that Bono underwent a female-to-male gender change after coming out as a lesbian in 1995.

Bono however, has yet to complete a full sex change and told People magazine that it was still not his current priority.

"People focus on what's between your legs,” Bono said to People. "If I never have bottom surgery [the procedure by which a penis is created], I'm fine. I feel 100 percent male as I am."