Cheerleader on Stretcher After Face Plant at Mavericks-Hawks Game (VIDEO)

An Atlanta Hawks cheerleader was taken off the court on a stretcher Monday night after falling flat on her face.

The cheerleader was taken to Atlanta Medical Center following a face plant during the routine. The cheer involved the girls giving a small hop on one foot but it appears that Kristen, whose last name was not shared, slipped on her landing.

The unlucky fall was later captured on YouTube. Paramedics can be seen rushing to the cheerleader on the floor. Kristen was released on the same night and appears to be in good condition according to USA Today.

According to her bio on the Atlanta Hawks team site, Kristen may have to blame the fall on her alter ego.

"I have an alter ego that comes out when I dance," she said in the bio. "I call her 'Kristina.'"

She also noted that she wears a pair of "lucky socks" to each game, although those socks didn't help her any on Monday night outside of preventing her from serious injury. Outside of cheering, Kristen is also apparently a kindergarten teacher.

The fall occurred during the intermission between the third and fourth quarters of Monday night's Hawks vs. Mavericks game. The Hawks lost to Dallas 127-113.

"Our best wishes are with the cheerleader who had the incident on the court," coach Larry Drew said to start his postgame press conference. "She is doing well, from what I'm told. We are hoping that she is OK and are keeping things in perspective."