Cher, Bynes Feud: 'Kids Don't Really Understand What's Going On'

Following a Twitter feud online, Cher has shown compassion for Amanda Bynes, explaining that the youth of the current generation have things much more difficult.

Cher became embroiled in a Twitter feud with Amanda Bynes last week after Bynes insulted a number of celebrities on her account. Cher responded to the insult, but quickly apologized. Explaining her apology in a recent interview the singer explained that saying "sorry" is the easy part.

"I never understood the thing about not saying you're sorry because it's so easy … it doesn't take any time and it just dissolves all the bad feelings," Cher said in an interview with E! News. "It just lets it go, and we can't hold on to that kind of stuff. It makes you sick."

On Twitter, Bynes suggested that Cher was "ugly" and a "flop." But instead of continuing the feud, Cher says the she forgives Bynes because she is dealing with "rough" times.

"It's a rough time in history for kids," Cher told E! News. "Sex didn't kill you when I was young and people weren't trying to blow up buildings."

Instead of retaliating on Twitter and posting negative remarks, Cher said she would rather mentor kids who are going through difficult times. She explained that she uses Twitter a lot to help reach out to others.

"I feel a lot of compassion for these young kids that are growing up that don't really understand exactly what's going on. It's really rough. That's why I do a lot of tweeting," the star said. "I feel kind of like a mother."

By reaching out to a younger crowd, the singer hopes that she can paint adults in a better light.

"It's something that gives them a little insight into things and it doesn't make them think that all grownups are the enemy," she added.

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