Chicago Bears' Quarterback Josh McCown Sounds Like 'Ben Stiller and Jesus,' Says Tight End

As the Chicago Bears quarterback Josh McCown continues to gain popularity as Jay Cutler's replacement for the Chicago Bears, his teammates have jokingly described the player's tone on the field as being a mix between "Ben Stiller and Jesus," due partially to his southern drawl.

When Bears' tight end Martellus Bennett was asked earlier this week to describe what McCown sounds like on the field when he's calling plays, Bennett initially shrugged and gave a common response: "Like Josh." After more prying from the television reporter, Bennett gave in a little, saying he thought McCown sounded like "Ben Stiller, maybe."

"But Ben Stiller in 'Heavyweights.' Yeah, it's a little country. But it's a combination of Jesus and Ben Stiller," the tight end added jokingly. Bennett went on to say that he knows what Jesus sounds like, saying: "We've all heard Jesus […] But some of us aren't listening."

In response to Bennett's joking description of his voice, McCown chuckled to news reporters at his Thursday afternoon press conference, saying: "I'm trying to process Ben Stiller and Jesus. I just want to be there to listen to them two talk. Because I think that would be cool. I don't know."

The quarterback went on to say that when he is commanding the team on the feel, he "[just tries] to call the plays as clear as I can and communicate what's been communicated to me through the headset. That's pretty much it. Other things are said from time to time. But I'll leave that in the huddle."

As ESPN reports, the city of Chicago has been in a love affair with rising star McCown since he took over for main quarterback Jay Cutler following an injury earlier in the season. "I've been impressed with the way McCown has conducted himself in the absence of Jay Cutler. He's done a great job of protecting the football," NFL media writer Adam Rank recently wrote for

The Chicago Bears take on the St. Louis Rams this weekend on the Fox network. Dave McGinnis, currently the assistant coach to the St. Louis Rams who worked with McCown for his first two seasons in the NFL, recently told the Chicago Tribune that although many are just now catching wind of McCown's stunning performance, he is not surprised, saying he has always seen talent in McCown's football character.

"I love Josh and really respect what he has done, so it's not surprising to me that people are finding out the depth of his football character. He has had it since he stepped into the league."