'Chicago Fire' Season 2 Spoilers: Will Jones Stay at Firehouse 51? (VIDEO)

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This week's "Chicago Fire" puts Firehouse 51 in the middle of a power struggle between Chief Boden and Chief Jones, who wants his daughter, Rebecca, out of harm's way and in an office. Meanwhile, Severide is put to the test as he risks his life, name, and reputation for others.

Throughout the season, Rebecca Jones has been at the center of several struggles. First, she cheated on her fire exam and caused Dawson to struggle with whether to tell officials or not. Then she was placed in Firehouse 51, again causing Dawson a great deal of angst but then proving herself during a daring rescue. She also worked hard to prove herself to all the men of Firehouse 51, including Lieutenant Casey, who now wants to fight for her to stay in the house.

Chief Boden is on board and is willing to risk his career in order to keep Jones in his house and allow her the opportunity to grow into her full capacity as a firefighter. After surviving the huge battle to close the firehouse, how much more can Boden take?

"My job is to protect your job as a firefighter," Boden tells Jones.

"He'll come after you," she warns.

"Well, I'll deal with that when and if it happens," Boden calmly responds.

Severide is put to the test several times in this episode as he continues to help a fellow firefighter deal with his addiction. After the retired fireman is arrested, Severide works to get him released and puts his name and reputation on the line in order to keep him out of jail. It's a daring move, but one that Severide feels he must make.

The lieutenant also participates in a high-stakes rescue as a young man threatens to jump from the ledge of a mall in front of a huge crowd. Boden tells the young man to jump, hoping that reverse psychology will work, but the young man says that he made the wrong call and it looks as if he is preparing to actually jump. That's when Severide makes his move to grab the young man before he can, but is he successful?

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