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'Chicago Fire' Season 4: Teaser Photo Hints that Herrmann Will Survive

'Chicago Fire' Season 4: Teaser Photo Hints that Herrmann Will Survive

A screengrab from a promotional clip for NBC series "Chicago Fire" season 4. | YOUTUBE / Television Promos

"Chicago Fire" season 4 may see Herrmann doing all right after the stabbing, based on a new teaser photo from the Jan. 5 episode.

NBC recently released a teaser photo for "Chicago Fire" season 4 showing Hermann lying on his hospital bed and hooked to an IV, monitor, and oxygen. The said photo was taken from the episode titled "The Beating Heart," according to Carter Matt.

Although his fate is still not confirmed, the photo hints that he will at least survive when the series returns to NBC. The Jan. 5 episode will be a crossover event with "Chicago PD" and "Chicago Med" and the story will be focused on Hank Voight's (Jason Beghe) life, the International Business Times reports.

"It does bring all three shows together. The one personal piece of storytelling it unearths is Voight's back-story with his late wife," show creator Matt Olmstead told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. "We've established that she died years prior to when he appeared on 'Fire,' but not the circumstances of her death and what Voight has to deal with in terms of dealing with that memory."

Olmstead added that the crossover will deliver a shocking blow to the viewers. It will affect Lindsay because she has always considered Voight's wife as the ultimate role model for a mother. The continuation of the series will show his flirtatious incidents with Mariska's "SVU" character, but Olmstead mentioned that it was his only true love, the report relays.

The previous episode titled "Short and Fatt" showed Patterson substituting for Boden while the latter is trying to clear his name. Severide also found out Serena's hideout. Olmstead said the rumored crossover involving the other series might set a series of similar episodes if the first one turns out to be successful, the report adds.

"Chicago Fire" season 4's episode titled "The Beating Heart" will air on Jan. 5, 2016 at 9 p.m. E.T. on NBC.


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