Chicago Train Crash 2013: 2 Trains Collide on Blue Line, 48 Hospitalized

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(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/David Wilson)A Chicago Blue Line train is shown in this file photo.

A Chicago train crash has seen at least 48 people rushed to hospital on Monday, after a rush hour crash took place involving two Chicago Transit Authority trains on the Blue Line.

First responders were rushed to the scene of the crash, and within minutes numerous ambulances were seen attending the location to assist passengers and ferry injured away.

The crash took place during the city's rush hour, and has wreaked havoc for thousands on the morning commute.

Although the crash has injured at least 48 people, early reports indicate that none of the injuries are life threatening.

Photos from the scene show a crushed section of one train car, and wreckage from the crash.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, at least 48 people have been taken to local hospitals, although it is not sure whether that number will rise once the situation becomes more clear.

A spokeswoman for the CTA has said that a westbound Blue Line train was stopped at the Harlem station when it was struck by an eastbound train that was traveling on the same track.

The CTA also confirmed that the crash took place just before 8 a.m. local time. It has not stated why the crash took place, and the investigation is still ongoing.