Chief Keef Getting Baptized? Gangster Rapper Has 'God-Conciousness,' Says Pastor

I Reached Out to Him With the Gospel, Says Pastor Corey Brooks

Chief Keef, a 17-year-old Chicago rapper currently serving time in a juvenile detention center, may be ready to turn over a new leaf by getting baptized following his release.

Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church in Chicago, Ill., recently announced that he would baptize the teenage rapper known for his gangster lyrics and recent trouble with the law.

"Excited to announce that I will be baptizing @ChiefKeef @NBCofChicago the first Sunday after he is released," Brooks tweeted Friday. "Praise The Lord!!!"

The teenage rapper who was born Keith Cozart is serving a 60-day sentence after violating his juvenile probation stemming from pointing a gun at Chicago police officers. Keef fired a rifle at a New York gun range last summer which was filmed and named a violation of his probation, according to a Chicago Tribune report.

Brooks defended Keef after visiting the rapper at the Illinois juvenile detention center where he is being held.

"I think people forget he is 17 years old. He is not a bad kid," the pastor said told The Tribune. "(He) has had a chance to think. He is an entertainer- that is how he sees himself. But at the same time, he has a God-consciousness. He is not some terror who is wreaking havoc."

While Brooks' recent announcement sparked mixed reactions from people on Twitter, one person questioned whether "Keef responded to the gospel."

The pastor revealed that he did by tweeting, "That's the only way I would baptize him!!"

Although the pastor did not respond to much of the criticism that some tweeted, he did write a message about not expecting people to understand his decision to reach out to certain individuals.

"When you are called to reach the least of them and have a passion to do it don't expect for people to understand or applaud," Brooks tweeted.