Chief of Norwood VA PD Resigns After Backing Chris Brown?

Bryan Norwood, chief of the police department in Richmond, Va. who helped certify Chris Brown's community service hours, reportedly resigned recently amid speculation surrounding the singer's probation.

Brown, 23, was sentenced to 180 days of community service after assaulting girlfriend and singer Rihanna in 2009. However, the Los Angeles District Attorney reportedly filed legal documents stating that Brown's community service hours were "bogus," and that "he was actually on a private jet to Cancun" instead of fulfilling the duties of his probation, according to TMZ reports.

Norwood wrote a letter to the Los Angeles court that is dealing with Brown's probation case, stating that the 23-year-old singer had indeed performed the number of community service hours that he claimed, according to TMZ. Although TMZ reports stated that Norwood may be eyeing a similar position in Raleigh, N.C., he is also directly related to Los Angeles prosecutors questioning the hours that Brown served for community service.

Brown claimed he picked up trash in Richmond for eight hours on Dec. 12, 2011. The New York Post reports that The Department of Homeland Security records show that Brown was in customs at Dulles International Airport in Virginia on a flight from Dubai, according to prosecution.

"It would be unreasonable to believe that after a 12-13 hour flight, the defendant rushed through … early morning rush traffic, traveled directly to Richmond in just over two hours, and then worked eight straight hours picking up trash," the Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney wrote in the court documents.

A similar incident took place last March, according to prosecutors, who claim that Brown was in Cancun, Mexico at 4 p.m. on the day that he claimed to be picking up trash from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos has claimed "the district attorney's office has completely lost their minds," and that he has proof from Richmond police officers and firefighters to back his claims.

Still, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones announced that Norwood would resign from his position while calling it a "mutual agreement" amid the speculation surrounding Brown.

"As of today I've accepted the resignation of Bryan Norwood from his post as chief of police for the city of Richmond," Jones announced. "He has offered leadership that has brought us a little bit further in our endeavors to improve public safety. In many ways the Richmond Police Department and the city is better off because of his dedication."

Brown is due back in Los Angeles court on April 5 to clear up the community service hours stemming from his probation.