Child Rapper Luie Rivera Jr. Made Illicit Music Video; Authorities Investigating

A child rapper's music video is drawing the attention of Massachusetts child welfare officials after the aspiring entertainer was seen participating in morally compromising situations bordering on illegal.

Luie Rivera Jr., 9, who goes by his street name "Lil Poopy," has posted his rap videos to popular websites including YouTube where he can be seen surrounded by scantily clad women in sexually suggestive postures. He also raps about the benefits of illicit drug use while holding large wads of cash.

The child is from Brockton, Mass., and the local police department notified the state's Department of Children and Families after being contacted by an unidentified person. The anonymous tipster expressed concern over the actions displayed in the video, according to Lt. Robert Sergio of the Brockton Police Dept.

The state agency is contacted whenever there is thought to be physical, mental, or emotional abuse of a child.

"An investigation is now open," Cayenne Isaksen, public affairs director for the state agency, told CNN. She added that this type of investigation usually takes about two weeks to complete.

Lil Poopy is a member of the Coke Boys, the group that was created by Moroccan-born rapper French Montana.

This is not the first time a child featured in a rap video has raised questions over a child's well-being.

An aspiring South Florida rapper known by his fans as Albert Roundtree, Jr., 6, appeared in a video produced by Oakland Park based Frozen-N-Time productions. It was paid for by his parents who are hoping that their son becomes a famous rapper, according to reports.

When asked why the rap video was made using a young boy and bikini dancers, Tyler Council, President of Frozen-N-Time Productions, explained that it was all in good fun and meant to cause a few laughs.

"It's supposed to be a joke, but I'd say about 30 percent of the people watching it find it funny," Council told The Miami New Times, adding, "But I still don't regret it."

Still, Council defended the young boy by stating that the women were only dancing and that there was no other activities taking place during shooting.

"He's just trying to imitate his idols that he hears on the radio," said Council. "There's no touching going on, there's no drug abuse."