Children Pay Off Family Layaway Bills

This year, people across the country are proving that the spirit of holiday season continues even during tough economic stagnation.

The generosity of the season is even being displayed by some children as this week, two children captured headlines by donating their savings to help families in need.

One young Pennsylvania boy diligently saved money from his personal allowance for the past eight weeks, only to turn around and use his savings towards a family's layaway bill at a local Kmart store.

“That’s what he wanted to do, he was just so happy he could help out the less fortunate,” said Kmart employee Niki Dawson to CNN.

The father who benefited from the child’s Christmas cheer was in tears when he found out what the young stranger had done for him, according to another Kmart employee.

Another little girl from Orange County, Ca. brought her piggy bank to a local store and gave away the $47 in change she managed to save.

Although most stores did away with layaway options several years ago, some major retail chains such as Kmart and Wal-Mart have reopened the opportunity to pay as you go for those struggling to purchase gifts during the holiday season.

Paying off layaway bills for those less fortunate has become a holiday trend this year in stores across the country, and the people partaking in the generous donations have become known as “layaway angels.”

The new holiday trend began earlier in the month when a Michigan woman walked into a Kmart and paid off layaway bills for several strangers. People became inspired by the giving, and layaway angels have donated thousands of dollars to layaway bills in stores across the country ever since.

One group of Christ Fellowship families living in the South County area of Florida donated $15,000 worth of checks to a local Kmart in the area for families in need this season.

The money has gone towards layaway items for families in need, including a struggling pregnant woman and a father of five who recently lost his landscaping job.

“They feel our children need to have Christmas,” said Kmart manager Lisa Bowman of the acts of generosity by the layaway angels.