Children Sold by Parents to Beg on Streets Over Christmas

Children are being sold to gangs of thugs by parents during this Christmas season to work as beggars on the streets of Tegucigalpa, Central District in Honduras.

The children have been rented out to gangs by parents choosing to cash in on the fact donors look more favorably on begging children than adults, La Tribuna publication has reported.

The scheme was denounced by the director of Casa Alianza, José Manuel Capellín this week. In an interview with The Christian Post, Capellín said that “it is a terrible exploitation.”

“As Christmas approaches and people consume more they put more children on the streets,” he said to CP.

Capellín explained that this was not something new but has always happened, and that it was vital for a solution to be found to bring a halt to the exploitation.

Often it is those who are sick, physically disfigured or paraplegic who are the ones who are rented out and sold because they can move the hearts of people more easily to hand over money.

Casa Alianza is helping to solve the situation by denouncing it to the authorities. The organization also offers programs for children who go there and ask for protection. There are currently around 200 children registered in the programs.

Casa Alianza’s director has said that the root of the problem is something structural, such as the economic model and the global crisis that leads many to poverty. In addition, the lack of values in society makes it easy for parents to put their children to work in the streets.

“It is important to restore the values of the families and establish state politics that can support the children and the families. It is important to review the economic model that can allow people to work and have resources.”

Capellín said that hope is needed to build a better world. “Jesus was born to give this hope,” he said. “And this Christmas we have to review it and live according to this perspective.”