Chimp Attack Settlement Gives $4 Million to Charla Nash's Family

A women mauled by a domesticated chimpanzee has received $4 million in a settlement that was brought on by a lawsuit filed by the mauled woman's family.

The initial lawsuit was filed on her behalf by her brother back 2009 in state Superior Court, which initially sought $50 million in damages from chimp's owner Sandra Herold, who died in 2010.

The victim, Charla Nash, was blinded, lost both hands and had to undergo a face transplant after being attacked outside Herold's home in Stamford, Conn., in February 2009.

The agreement was filed in Stamford Probate Court and states that Herold's estate must provide Nash with $3.4 million in real estate, $331,000 in cash, $140,000 in machinery and equipment and $44,000 in vehicles, according to documents reviewed by AP.

The attorney representing Harold's estate told reporters that the case has been resolved and that he felt both parties were happy with the decision.

"I think it was a fair compromise on all sides," attorney Brenden Leydon told AP.

Nash was attacked when she went the Herold's home to help bring the 200-pound chimpanzee, named Travis, back into his holding area. During her encounter the chimp attacked Nash tearing offer her face, ears, nose and hands. The animal was shot and killed by police, who quickly arrived on scene.

Nash, 57, is currently living in an assisted living facility outside Boston, according to sources familiar with the case.

The $4 million settlement is slated to cover only small portion of Nash's medical bills and her lawyers have revealed that she requires care and supervision around the clock. They also stated that she will need to be on antibiotics for the rest of her life.

"The money that we have obtained for Charla is an insignificant amount in the scheme of things," the Nashes' lawyer Charles Willinger said Thursday.

"It won't nearly address her medical needs and her other lifestyle needs, not to mention pain and suffering," he added.