Chloe Moretz Debuted in 'Carrie' Trailer

Chloe Moretz has shocked fans in the new trailer for the reboot of horror movie based on Stephen King's "Carrie" this week.

The 15-year-old actress will play the lead character- an abused and mentally unstable teen. In the sneak peek video, footage of a burning city are seen, leading to Moretz in character as Carrie and covered in blood.

"This was always such a peaceful town," narrates one voice, as another describes a mother and daughter.

"Her mother was a fanatic, I don't know how she lived with it," the trailer's voiceovers continued. "I believe something supernatural happened here. It defies logic and explanation."

"There's something no one seems to understand… She's just a girl," added another voice.

Although it harkens back to the 1976 classic film, the new "Carrie" will be more than just a remake, according to Moretz.

The film's director Kimberly Peirce will provide "a retelling of the book by Stephen King and it hasn't been told this way before," said the actress while speaking to CNN.

Due in theaters next year on March 15, "Carrie" will also star Julianne Moore.

"Carrie" is not the first horror film for Moretz. The actress appeared in both "The Amityville Horror" and "Today You Die" in 2005 before moving onto "Wicked Little Things" and "The Eye," among others.

The trailer has made a splash online on Wednesday, with many Twitter and YouTube users sounding off about the upcoming film.

MTV News posted to Twitter, "Beautiful, Terrifying. Entrancing. Did you get spooked by the new Carrie trailer?"

"If it can be dark and deep as the original then they might pull this off," wrote Lazerick on YouTube.

"Not creepy enough," added another viewer. "An unknown should've been cast, someone not as pretty as Moretz. This shouldn't have been attempted at all- it was just fine."

The original "Carrie" starred Sissy Spacek as the lead with Piper Laurie portraying her mother. The actresses received Academy Award nominations for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, respectively, for their roles.