Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together in 2013?

Chris Brown and Rihanna presumably rang in the new year together when the pair tweeted images of themselves waking up under the same sheets, and now their recent public photos already have fans talking in 2013.

Rihanna, 24-year-old Barbadian pop star, rang in 2013 by tweeting a picture of herself snuggled under a dark comforter with white polka dots.

"Good morning! Still haven't slept lol," she tweeted on New Year's day. "#hello2013."

Brown, 23-year-old R&B singer who faced public backlash after physically assaulting Rihanna in 2009, also took to Instagram to post an image of himself in bed with the same comforter.

"Morning," Brown simply tweeted.

Days later, images surfaced of the pair in Los Angeles getting a slurpee at a convenience store. After images showed Rihanna getting into the passenger seat of a car that Brown was driving, fans and spectators alike took to Twitter to comment about their presumed reconciliation.

"Chris Brown and Rihanna back together ... he could do so much better," one person tweeted.

Another person did not seem amused by the couple getting back together after close to four years either.

"Every girl that says Rihanna and Chris Brown being back together is so cute is basically mislead [sic]," the individual tweeted. "You need guidance!"

However, some people looked to the pair as an inspiration for love.

"Rihanna and Chris brown make me believe in real love," a fan tweeted.

Still, others found issues with the fact that people were looking up to Rihanna and Brown.

"#WeLiveInAGenerationWhere children look up to people like Chris Brown and Rihanna and yet they still can't act like role models," the person tweeted.

Brown and Rihanna seemed to premiere their reconciliation for the world on Christmas Day when they appeared at a Los Angeles Lakers game together. Days later, the Barbadian singer seemed to foreshadow more public appearances with her ex-boyfriend when she tweeted, "Are u still down baby? Are u really bout that life? Is you down for the ride? we go again."

According to Rihanna Daily, the singer accompanied Brown for a performance in Africa's Ivory Coast on Dec 29, the day that she tweeted the cryptic message.