Chris Brown Assault Accusations Made By Malcolm Ausbon After Basketball Game Incident

Chris Brown is reportedly being accused of assaulting a man after a basketball game got heated last year.

(PHOTO) REUTERS/Brendan McDermidSinger Chris Brown

Brown, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter may be currently working on himself in a rehabilitation center, but TMZ is reporting that one man is suing him for assault.

Malcolm Ausbon is suing Brown after reportedly playing basketball with the singer in a 24-Hour Fitness gym, which allegedly ended in a physical altercation last July.

After Ausbon called a foul on Brown, he is alleging that the singer threatened him before attacking him with the help of three body guards, according to TMZ. The assault resulted in Ausbon attending the emergency room at a local hospital, after reportedly suffering injuries to his face, head, neck, back, legs and ribs.

While TMZ reported that sources close to Brown did admit that something happened during the basketball game, they denied that punches were thrown.

Last October, Brown was accused of assaulting one man who wanted his picture while the 24-year-old singer was visiting the capital city to perform. The singer and his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy reportedly got into an altercation in front of the W Hotel in the city.

While law enforcement sources reportedly told TMZ that Brown punched the man in the nose when he tried to join in on a picture that the singer was taking with two women, Brown's attorneys insist he is innocent and rejected a plea deal earlier this year.

Brown initially spoke about his decision to check into a rehabilitation facility to work on some of the anger issues that the public has witnessed.

The singer made national headlines after he physically assaulted ex-girlfriend and singer Rihanna in 2009, which he is currently serving probation for. Since that assault, Brown has made headlines for allegedly engaging in other physical altercations, including those with fellow entertainers Frank Ocean and Drake.

Despite his legal issues, Brown seems to be remaining positive on Twitter lately. Since 2014, it seems Brown has been focused on tweeting a more positive message following a year when he seemed to lash out on the social networking website on countless occasions.

"We can't control other people," he tweeted recently. "We only can control ourselves."