Chris Brown Booed: 'It's Making Me a Better Man,' Says Singer (AUDIO)

Chris Brown was booed and jeered by fans on Sunday while at a Knicks game, but the 23-year-old took it all in stride and laughed it off. In an interview the next day he admitted that not being liked was hard, but part of becoming a "better man."

"Are you in love with her?" a radio disk jockey asked the R&B artist on Monday during one of Brown's first interviews since announcing that he and ex-girlfriend Rihanna had reunited.

"What?" Brown responded, clearly taken off guard by the question. "I'm in love with her. I love her," Brown said.

Brown was booed at Madison Square Garden Sunday when an image of him and filmmaker Spike Lee appeared on the Jumbotron. But Brown didn't get mad and appeared to laugh the incident off instead. In an interview on Monday, however, Brown admitted that it had not always been so easy.

"It happened when I was 18," Brown said during a radio interview on Monday night with Big Boy Power 106, referring to the moment when he struck Rihanna. Afterwards, Brown admitted to going through "a little stage of depression."

"For a 19 year old man its kind of hard not being able to accept people not liking you when they loved you," Brown said. "Even your friends not talking to you … talking bad about you. It's a learning step for me. "

But despite the large criticism, Brown added that he isn't keeping any regrets.

"What I went through and what I'm going through is making me a better man," Brown explained.

During the interview the R&B artist also talked about his passion for art and for life in general.

"Everything I do is precious. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm passionate about everything," he said.

The artist plans on releasing his album some time this summer. In the meantime, he has also written a song for Rihanna's album titled "Put It Up."