Chris Brown defends Kanye West

Chris Brown is coming to the defense of his fellow entertainer Kanye West.

West, the 36-year-old rapper, was recently ambushed by the paparazzi at 4 a.m., which caused him to lash out at the photographers after they asked how things were going with him.

"Don't say anything to me," West said, according to X17 Online. "You are outside my house at 4 a.m. telling me, 'How's it going?' It's not going good. ... Y'all here to make money off of us. That's how it's going."

Brown, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter, took to Twitter in defense of West after he heard the news.

"@kanyewest hire some security or some street (expletive) to take care of the (expletive) so u not explaining Yaself," Brown tweeted.

He then went on to speak out against the way that the media covers stories about celebrities' run-ins with the paparazzi.

"I hate how the media makes us look like aggressive animals," Brown tweeted. "On some real (expletive) If those cameras on ya property that means its trespassing. (Expletive) ain't cool!"

This isn't West's first time speaking out against the paparazzi. He was charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for allegedly attacking a member of the paparazzi earlier this summer. West was about to leave LAX airport in July when members of the paparazzi surrounded him to take pictures.

One man is reported to have continually hounded West with questions, with the rapper telling him to stop, according to TMZ. After the paparazzi refused to stop hounding the rapper, West turned and allegedly attacked the man, attempting to grab his camera equipment and wrestling him to the floor.

West then left in a waiting vehicle with the incident captured by TMZ cameras. While the photographer decided to file a civil lawsuit against West, the rapper is insisting that he was only protecting himself.

"[West believed] his safety was in immediate danger, "the rapper's response to the civil suit states, according to TMZ. "[Kanye] responded to this assault by doing only those acts that were reasonably necessary for his self-defense …"