Chris Brown Doing 'Remarkably Well' Awaiting Fate in Jail

(PHOTO) REUTERS/Brendan McDermidSinger Chris Brown

Chris Brown seems to be in good spirits these days despite the fact that he has been in jail for six weeks.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter appeared in court Thursday after being flown back to a Los Angeles jail from Washington, D.C. While Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos and Assistant District Attorney Mary Murray will talk about Brown admitting that he violated the terms of his probation, the singer's attorney says he is doing well.

"He's doing remarkably well under the circumstances," Geragos told CNN. "It's a challenging situation to be in."

Brown is being held in jail until an assault case that he was charged with in Washington D.C. is resolved. The charge stems from the singer being accused of breaking the nose of Parker Isaac Adams, 20, who allegedly attempted to sneak into a photograph that Brown was taking with two women last year, according to E! News reports.

If the assault did indeed occur, Brown would have violated the probation that he was given after assaulting ex-girlfriend and singer Rihanna in 2009. If Brown admits to violating his probation, he may do so at a May 9 hearing.

If not, CNN is reporting that a judge will seek a trial date while the singer will await his court appearance behind bars. Brown's bodyguard was recently found guilty in the assault case and admitted to punching Adams.

For this reason, Geragos has been vocal about thinking his client Brown should not have to remain in custody and be receiving the treatment that he is.

"I think it's a little over the top to have him in custody on this misdemeanor when everybody saw the bodyguard's trial and which was nothing more than a bloody nose," Geragos said last week, according to CNN. "And you have got the bodyguard who was convicted and who readily admitted he was the one who did the punching. So all of this is much ado about nothing."