Chris Brown Explodes on Valet Over $10 (VIDEO)

Chris Brown recently expressed anger after being charged a $10 service charge for parking outside of a bowling alley for 30 minutes.

Brown, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter, was in Los Angeles, Calif. where he attended a charity event at PINZ bowling alley recently. The entertainer reportedly unleashed a few curses at a valet outside of the bowling alley when he heard about the charge.

As Brown could be seen inching closer to the valet attendant, his entourage swarmed him to try to alleviate the situation.

"We got the money ... don't worry about it," a member of the singer's entourage is heard saying in a video obtained by TMZ.

However, Brown did not seem to want to back down.

"(Expletive) 10 dollars," the singer reportedly said.

The valet reportedly told Brown that he could not release the singer's vehicle without the cash in the video. However, the singer was allegedly upset because he had been at the bowling alley for 30 minutes.

The singer got close to the valet and uttered a phrase that could be viewed by some as threatening, TMZ reported.

"We gonna turn this whole thing on out," Brown reportedly said.

Although Brown was the subject of controversy after physically assaulting girlfriend and singer Rihanna in 2009 which resulted in him now being on supervised probation, he has insisted that he is working on himself and speaking out against domestic violence.

"I think everybody feels so attached to this old situation. I mean it is still a detrimental situation because of the stuff that we deal with today and that's why I'm doing like the Jenesse Center and all these other stuff that shows that domestic violence is not okay," Brown said last year on California radio station Power 106 FM, where he appeared on Big Boy's Neighborhood.

"But as far as like our personal lives, I think people just have to like give it a chance, not even give it a chance– shut the hell up!" he exclaimed. "That's basically what it is! Because at the end of the day, whatever opinion they have is not going to change what I'm doing and it hasn't and it's not going to change what they are doing."

Watch the video of Chris Brown's incident below (WARNING: Adult language).