Chris Brown Fires Back at NFL Player for Flirting With Rihanna?

Chris Brown and Rihanna have both made it clear that they are working toward building a friendship, but after New Orleans Saints defensive end Junior Galette decided to express his love for the latter on Twitter, her ex-boyfriend may not have been too happy about it.

Galette, 24-year-old native of Haiti, decided to express his feelings for the Barbadian singer on Twitter recently by saying, "Where have you been all my life love @rihanna."

While a message that seemed to be re-tweeted by Brown told the NFL player to "chill" Galette did not back down from the Twitter account that seemed to belong to the R&B singer.

"Stop slipping then," the Saints defensive end replied in front of over 7,000 followers on the social networking website.

Fans of the pair took notice of their Twitter exchange and chimed in. Some people did not believe that the R&B star responded to Galette's message to Rihanna since it did not appear on the singer's own Twitter page.

"Ever heard of a fake RT? Chris wouldn't ever tweet you in his life," one fan told the NFL player. "Please."

However, other people thought the alleged exchange between Brown and Galette showed a comedic side of the NFL player.

"Get him Junior," a fan exclaimed on the social networking site with a proclamation of laughter.

Whether or not Brown responded to Galette's message to Rihanna, the Barbadian singer made it clear that she was not dating her ex-boyfriend during a Facebook live interview last week.

"No. (We're) not together," the singer said during the Facebook interview.

Still, the singer made sure to compliment her ex-boyfriend by saying, "He's dope...he's kinda alright."

The pair also recently seemed to send their spectators a message when they collaborated on a song called "Nobodies Business" for Rihanna's seventh studio album, "Unapologetic."

"I sing it to the world, Baby give me something," Rihanna sings on the duet. "I'mma be your girl I wanna make you mine and it ain't nobody's business."