Chris Brown Reveals How He Handles Violent Threats

Chris Brown recently opened up about a recent threat of gun violence that he received from a heckler who claimed he was a gang member.

 Brown was exiting the Los Angeles, Calif. nightclub Playhouse recently when a man decided to ask the singer if he was bulletproof. The singer spoke to about the incident, saying that he knew how to handle himself in Los Angeles.

"It's L.A. brother. You just gotta keep your head down and keep walking," Brown told TMZ after being questioned about the conflict.

The issue began when the antagonist heckled Brown before he left the club in his Lamborghini.

"I ain't never seen a (expletive) jump in a car that fast," the individual asked Brown, according to TMZ."Chris is that (expletive) bulletproof?"

The heckler alleged that he was a member of the Crip gang when Brown fired back, asking if the antagonist was indeed bulletproof himself.

"I'm a Crip … yeah, I'm bulletproof," the person responded.

Although Brown left the scene unscathed, his on- and off-again girlfriend Rihanna was reportedly injured by a recent heckler in London. The 24-year-old Barbadian had a bottle of Lucozade, an energy sports drink, thrown at her after a heckler screamed at her about Brown, according to Daily Mail.

The singer reportedly left the scene with a scraped knee. Brown was allegedly concerned after hearing that Rihanna was hurt, according to

"It's (expletive) up someone would do that to Rihanna, and mention Chris in the same sentence. He's hurt over stuff like that. He loves Rihanna, that's his girl and he doesn't want anybody messing with her like that," the source reportedly told

"All Chris wants out of the whole situation is to make sure Rihanna is okay and she is- so that's the most important. Chris doesn't know exactly what happened, but Rih told him she was cool with all this drama. People are crazy out there and try to (expletive) with people just because they're a 'celebrity.' They need to get a life," the insider added.