Chris Brown, Rihanna Split Rumors April Fool's Prank?

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(PHOTO) Instagram: BadgalririRihanna and Chris Brown are back together

Chris Brown and Rihanna have not split, despite a tweet posted by Los Angeles radio station Power 106 which suggested otherwise.

On March 29 Brown, 23, sat down for an exclusive interview with renowned radio personality DJ Big Boy in which he discussed his relationship with Rihanna, 25. Shortly after the interview wrapped up the radio station took to Twitter and a bombshell tweet ignited break-up rumors.

"Are you still w/ @Rihanna?' @ChrisBrown: 'Uh,no-that's the short answer" just now to @BigBoy POWER 106 LA @TuneIn," the tweet -which appeared to be a snippet from the interview- read. claims the tweet was actually an extract from a 2012 interview and critics are now questioning whether it may have been part of an April fool's day hoax to garner publicity for Brown's new interview which airs Monday.

"The Power 106 clip [that is going around the internet] is partly new, but then it cuts to old footage, and then back to new again. You'll notice he's wearing two different sets of clothes [in the video]," a source told Hollywoodlife.

A rep for Power 106 appeared to confirm that the tweet was intentionally misleading.

"Chris Brown's comment of that he's not with Rihanna was from when Chris was here last, which Big Boy used to set up the question he asked Chris this morning," the rep said.

The couple, who split in 2009 following a domestic assault incident, confirmed their much hyped reconciliation in January.

"You don't have that feeling with everybody so when you have it you don't want to let go of it. I would definitely say that [Chris Brown] is the one I have that kind of relationship with," Rihanna told Elle magazine.

"Right now that's just what we want, a great friendship that's unbreakable," she said. "Now that we're adults we can do this right. We got a fresh start and I'm thankful for that."