Chris Brown, Rihanna Together at Jay-Z Concert, Karrueche Tran Reacts (PHOTO)

Chris Brown and Rihanna were photographed enjoying Jay-Z's concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on Oct. 3 just days after they were reportedly spotted "kissing" in a New York nightclub.

The pair, who split in 2009 following a domestic assault incident, sat side by side and at one point. Brown, 23, was seen resting his arm across the back of Rihanna's chair. They sat directly behind Jay-Z's wife Beyonce and his new artist Rita Ora, and although they all appeared to be in good spirits, Brown's girlfriend of two years Karrueche Tran reportedly has fled New York in a rage.

"[Karrueche] hit it a few hours ago. She mad at the [boy] and said to him 'I'm leaving you're triffling punk a--' and said 'f--- you.' He tried to calm her down- told her he didn't want her to leave and went after her, but she scooted on him," a source reportedly told

"[Karrueche's] really upset at Chris for what he's been doing [with Rihanna]. She basically told him to stop disrespecting her and at least give her some respect and not cheat on her right in her f------ face," the source added.

Tran, who is renowned for posting cryptic messages on her Twitter page, appeared to take a dig at Brown over the Rihanna incidents.

"There's a difference between a man and a boy," she tweeted on Oct. 2, adding, "I prefer men."

The following day, after Brown and Rihanna's alleged date at Jay-Z's concert, the 24-year-old model reportedly fled New York after allegedly dumping Brown.

"Take off," she tweeted Oct. 3 adding "Bye baby."

Brown, whom Rihanna admits that she will always love, also posted his own cryptic message, which some say was directed at both Rihanna and Tran.

"Both r Free from it all!" Brown tweeted Oct. 3.

Rihanna has not publicly commented on her relationship status with Brown, but her recent behavior has fueled rumors of reconciliation. The duo was reportedly seen "hugging and kissing" at Griffin nightclub on Monday, a source reportedly told

"We got there, [Rihanna] saw [Chris], thought he looked good and she wanted to push up on it. She took a hit and had a drink and it was on and cracking. They hooked up," a source reportedly told

"They were in the club partying hard, had some drinks and kush and one thing led to another and that was that. She wanted some of him and she got some. Wasn't like Chris was gone turn her down. He wanted her just as much as she wanted him," the source went on.

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