Chris Brown Talks 'X' Album, Quitting Social Media

Chris Brown is opening up about his decision to actively stay away from social media and what his upcoming sixth studio album "X" means to him.

Brown, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter, recently said he believed giving up using social media to express his personal views was a smart decision.

"I think it's smarter as an entertainer and as a leader. I have to think logically. When I'm too attainable, it makes me too down," Brown told MTV recently. "Now I express it through my music and through my paintings as well. What I want to talk about comes out, and the beat fills in the rest."

Earlier this year, Brown made his Instagram account private months after letting his public relations team take over his Twitter.

"Social media takes away the essence of why we are even special or icons," Brown wrote to fans last January on his Instagram account. "So with that, I'm detaching myself from that world."

The singer recently said that he chose to share his reality with fans through his music instead of Twitter and Instagram.

"All of it coexists with my reality now. I'm an open book," Brown told MTV. "I think the way my life is, people want to know all the time, so I have to let them know through my music."

Despite having a number of critics, Brown said he is not letting other people impact his mood.

"I'm saying, 'You can start a fight, but why," Brown questioned when speaking to MTV. "I came to party."

The singer told MTV that he has grown as a singer and plans to showcase that on his new album "X." Brown said the album, due for an August release, can be interpreted in a number of ways.

"The song and the album title 'X' has a couple different meanings. It can refer to an ex-girlfriend, in terms of you always look forward to moving forward from," Brown told MTV. "It's also about being a reject in a sense. In me being myself, being able to grow up, me not always hanging around the right crowd or doing the right thing all the time- it's me saying, 'I'm over it. I'm past the (expletive) now.'"